SNATCH – Functional Training System

Fitness revisited

Functional training offers a refreshing new look at fitness. Tailored to the trainee rather than to muscle pumping ideals, we will upgrade your energy & vitality, alleviate chronic pain and make you Faster. Stronger. Agile.

We offer both one-on-one sessions and group lessons of endurance training at an intimate studio.

Among the benefits of our training sessions:

–          Finest trainers in the industry will teach you proper form and technique

–          Maximum calories burnt in a mere 1 hour session

–          Exercise diversity keeps you interested

–          Intimate group of trainees spice up the workout & motivate you

–          High quality equipment with unprecedented selection of kettlebell weights for every level.

Who is it for?

Just about everyone who wants to get in shape! We have both beginners & fitness professionals training together, with the Trainer closely monitoring form & assigning the proper training load (or alternative exercise) for individual trainees. Within a few sessions, you'll feel right at home with the group!

Who we are:

–          Israeli chapter of the US based IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation)

–          Functional fitness & Kettlebell trainer academy

–          Founded by Idan Vadrario, 13 year fitness veteran, 7 year functional training professional with experience ranging from injury rehabilitation to training pro athletes.

Where we are:

Situated at the center of Tel-Aviv, Saadia Gaon 24
(Roughly Karlibach corner of Hashmonaim). Right next to the new Qiryat Sefer park!

Our group sessions:


–          Kettlebell –

A fitness session based on swinging, pushing & pulling the Kettlebell – a Russian weight, arguably the most effective tool for slimming down & strengthening endurance.


–          Agility –

Box jumping, medicine ball tossing, sandbags, bodyweight exercise… it's back to playground time! A high diversity training concept developed at our studio.


–          Crazy ropes –

It’s time to shake those oversized battle ropes! Ropes traditionally used for docking boats come in handy for pumping up the pulse and excitement in a session alongside kettlebells, medicine balls & bodyweight exercise – Yet another training concept developed at our studio.

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